Grey Goose Garden Bar

The Grey Goose Garden Bar combined the strengths of 3D audio and the latest in audio science.

Australian Ethical

A BRANDSOUND that gives back to the planet – every time it’s played.


A single piece of audio remixed to suit different environments? Consider it done.


A ride-share company launch in an already cluttered market. We knew we needed something unique.

Lion Nathan - Brewed by EU

We put it to the people of Eumundi to create a new beer to increase preference for their brand.

Universal Sony Pictures Home Entertainment | Australia’s “Don’t Breathe 2”

Creating an immersive 3D audio trailer to promote their new horror film.

Whittingtons ‘Pete their Meat’

Whittington's, Pete and the people of Perth, set out to create a tasty new BBQ rub for the masses.

Snowy's Camping

In an already cluttered category, we steered clear from share of voice and went after share of mind.

Pie Society

An irresistible campaign to launch their new brand.

Mazda Toughest Trade

Putting the BT50 at the heart of Aussie tradie rivalry.

Highway to TNQ - iMate

Encouraging travel to Tropical North Queensland using the power of audio.

Babylove's Mini Movers

Utilising SCA talent to increase engagement with their brand.

The Sound Bubble Study

Determining best practice effective audio.

Last Seen - Paintings That Speak

An art exhibition to save sight.


Utilising SCA talent and a multi-platform approach to achieve huge results for Cadbury.


The Studio at SCA worked with Villaworld to create hit105’s biggest promotion ever.


A multi-platform conversation around innovation and technology for Ford Ranger.


Jetstar was having a sale for their Birthday. We helped them get the message out!

Holden Colorado

Holden needed deeper engagement with their potential Colorado buyers. Here's how we did it.


Selley's needed to get their product into the hands of more tradies. Here's how we did it.


Something new was coming to Adelaide. MOD A futuristic museum of discovery.

SPC Jingle

30 years later the SPC jingle gets a refresh from the team at The Studio.

Barbeques Galore

Barbecues Galore wanted Triple M to help make them famous for low and slow cooking.


Cancer Council SA needed to target demographic groups who have been slow to give up smoking.


Lift was taking the ‘soft’ out of soft drink, with their new, harder hitting Lemon Lift.

Mount Franklin Lightly Sparking Mineral Water

Launching a new product to Australian consumers in a highly competitive FMCG market.


Nescafe wanted to shift their target audience younger, and invite people to try their new flavours.

OVO Mobile

Ovo came to The Studio at SCA to help them increase market share.


Volkswagen released their new Polo and needed to cut through the noise of the automotive market.


Weis wanted to bring the sounds and flavours of summer to life in a new and different way.

Luxe Walls

Proving the effectiveness of layering your audio campaign.