Barbecues Galore wanted Triple M to help make them famous for low and slow cooking. With an idea developed by The Studio at SCA, we used the Triple M brand to encourage men to connect and talk at a low and slow 'Bootcamp' event, all the while ensuring Barbecues Galore were front and centre for the campaign. Across radio, social media, and digital, we brought low and slow to life and encouraged Triple M listeners to join in. Our client was thrilled to see double digit growth in the category as a result of the campaign.


The Studio at SCA increased sales for Selley’s by 44% by getting Youthful Tradies talking about a product, that is typically forgetful, this is how we did it.


30 years later the SPC jingle gets a refresh from the team at The Studio.


Something new was coming to Adelaide. MOD A futuristic museum of discovery. See how The Studio delivered a solution with great results.


Our challenge was to launch a new product to Australian consumers in a highly competitive FMCG market. We used four platforms to ensure Mount Franklin Lightly Sparkling Mineral Water couldn't be missed - custom commercials, talent integration, show partnerships and sampling. Did it work? Coca Cola sold out of the product ¾ of the way through the campaign. We even had to give our samples of the product back so they could be sold on shelves in supermarkets!


Ovo were the new kids on the block, and came to The Studio at SCA to help them increase market share and become a bigger player among telcos. Ovo wanted to target parents with school aged kids who needed great value mobile plans. We used our regional TV and radio networks to reach an audience that the bigger telcos had neglected, plus a metro radio campaign for added reach. Across the two months of the campaign, we helped increase sales by 60% through a mix of great creative, and strategically placed media.


Cancer Council SA approached The Studio at SCA to target demographic groups who have been slow to give up smoking. We used Triple M Adelaide's Haydo, a genuine smoker, to show people that using the MyQuitBuddy app helps people stop smoking, and stay smoke free. As a result, calls through to the Cancer Council SA Quitline increased significantly, and downloads of the MyQuitBuddy app in SA spiked well above the national average. We're also happy to report Haydo is still a non-smoker to this day.


Volkswagen gave The Studio at SCA the challenge of popularising it’s latest model Polo, and cut through the noise of the cluttered automotive market to reach a younger audience. The Studio came up with a hyper-local, interactive game that had people engaged and involved.