Create fame for Australian Ethical’s unique proposition for investing only in sustainable businesses. 



Markets: National (Metro and Regional) 
SCA Assets: LiSTNR Streaming, LiSTNR Podcast, SCA Broadcast Radio 



A BRANDSOUND that gives back to the planet – every time it’s played. 

SCA created the first-ever sonic marketing asset that gives back to the earth every time it is played. Created using nothing but whale sounds, it not only makes Australian Ethical distinct, but it also drives real action; with all royalties being donated by the composer back to ocean conservation. The BRANDSOUND truly reinforces Australian Ethical’s brand purpose in a way that is unique and meaningful. 

A DIGITAL FIRST SOLUTION LEAD BY LiSTNR – We branched our creative executions across the Briefing, which gave us the opportunity to leverage timely discussion around the 2021 Glasgow Climate Change Conference. 

Take a listen here. 



“We’re so proud to have collaborated with SCA on this wonderful ad. Thank you for your innovation in producing such a unique sound, we love it (we hope the whales do too!)” 


“This is basically our favourite song right now! Thanks so much for an INCREDIBLE campaign”