Where brands get heard by nearly three-quarters of regional Australia’s commercial radio listeners.

Connecting with regional Aussies is easier than ever. With the largest possible commercial radio audience of 3.3M*, SCA is where brands get heard, whenever and wherever our listeners are.

A recent study* by Karen Nelson Field’s Amplified Intelligence reveals that, as the high-attention medium, radio advertising also increases brand choice by 20%. Combined with regional’s lower clutter ad environments where market penetration can be 4x faster* and SCA’s unrivalled scale, advertisers have access to huge growth markets, untapped potential and ‘clear air’ for their brands.

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ACE Radio partnership extends SCA's reach to 135 stations 

SCA’s recently announced partnership with ACE Radio expands its footprint significantly across regional Victoria and NSW. SCA now reaches 72.8%* of Victorian of regional radio listeners, compared with just 29.7% for the #2.

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Source:*73% of regional radio listeners/1.5M more listeners than #2: Frequency, Cume Reach, M-S 00:00-24:00, P10+, dated 19-April-2023, latest survey to date 19-Apr,2023, eRam (Newcastle, Canberra, Gold Coast) Cume Reach M-S 00:00-24:00, P10+, survey 1 CY23. ‘Exclusive Reach’ is in reference to commercial radio listenership only and calculated by dividing all competitor audience from total commercial audience. | 20% brand uplift: CRA Radio Attention Study (Amplified Intelligence commissioned by Commercial Radio Australia - Oct 2022) | 4x faster market penetration: SCAiQ analysis based on a 3-week campaign in regional markets (59.6% penetration) vs a 12-week campaign in metro markets (59.8% penetration).