Babylove’s Nappy Pants offer more comfort and movability for active toddlers than competitors…so how do we communicate this to their audience and increase engagement with the brand? 



Parents love to share stories about their little ones, and they lean on trusted sources for advice on parenting.  

So with that, Fifi Box (with a perfectly aged ‘Nappy Pants’ wearing little lady in tow) led the charge bringing to life ‘Mini Movers’; a promotion that celebrated all the funny, creative, crazy and amazing things our toddlers do when they are on the move! 



  • Talent storytelling – Fifi Box voiced audio and personal social content 
  • In-show Conversations – Fifi shared the Mini Movers promotion with Carrie + Tommy 
  • Engaging Parents – Targeted digital audio schedule + The Beanies Podcast partnership 
  • Content Capture + Sharing – Dedicated microsite + Babylove + SCA socials and EDM re-engaging customers 
  • Re-engage and Reward – Babylove opt-in allowed engagement with customer + deliver Babylove Nappy Pants sample packs 



The Babylove Nappy Pants ‘Mini Movers’ campaign was hugely successful across key metrics with the brand seeing uplifts across key brand attributes. 

The campaign also exceeded the SCA iQ benchmarks for prompted ad recall, likeability, positivity, and action as a result. 

Fifi Bix proved such relatable talent and effective at engaging audiences via a targeted promotion: 

  • UCG promotion with a 6.92% conversion (UCG benchmark 5-7%) 
  • Research showed 59% ‘took action’ from this campaign (above avg 36%)