After a year of travel stops and starts due to COVID-19, we needed to entice and encourage Queenslanders to travel far and wide across their own State, increasing consideration for Tropical North Queensland as a travel destination.  



We know the power of music allowing us to emotionally connect with listeners. Putting this powerful asset at the centre of the campaign, we developed a cross-network, talent-led promotion to engage and reward listeners and drive consideration for Tropical North Queensland. 



TTNQ partnered with SCA to bring to the airwaves the best kind of playlist of all… the Highway to Tropical North Queensland! Fuelled by promotional pointers across the network, digital display and social media posts on Facebook and Instagram, one lucky listener drove away with a the perfect Tropical North Queensland Road Trip experience. 



  • P25-54 who were exposed to the campaign were 17% more likely to consider visiting in the next 12 months, with 9 in 10 considering visiting TNQ.  
  • 2 in 5 P25-54, and over half of LiSTNR users 25-54, said they liked the ads – exceeding the SCAiQ benchmark for ad likeability​ 
  • 1 in 3 people felt more positive towards TNQ as a result of hearing the ads – also exceeding the benchmark.  
  • Traffic, dwell time and opt-in rates exceeded all SCA benchmarks, demonstrating strong campaign engagement and effective media amplification.