As one of the original, independent outdoor stores, Snowys have found themselves in a competitive space. The ad market is flooded with messages of BCF’ing fun, and they can’t possibly compete on share of voice. So, we went after share of mind. 



Research by Millward Brown suggests that memorable creative can maintain or increase ad awareness levels, even with lower budget – creative can have as much as five times the impact on profit then budget allocation! Our creative team went to work looking for a point of difference to hero. What they found was the untold story of the outdoorsy legend himself, Snowy. 

‘Camping and Outdoor Gear, for Legends’ –  We used the power of audio to visualise the ‘Snowys” character – the hero character of the brand who was a legend of the bush. Today, his camping and outdoor expertise has been passed on through generations and now available to Snowys customers. 

Across three weeks, we ran a campaign of 30 second commercials during key times, live reads with our key Triple M breakfast and drive shows and high sponsorships. The creative was key in celebrating the charm, history and expertise of the brand. 


Take a listen here