How do you create impact for a visual product – especially a horror film built around long periods of silence – using audio? 



Rather than the standard ‘sound clips from the movie’ audio trailer format; we used our most advanced digital platform (LiSTNR), coupled with the latest in audio technology (3D audio) to place the listener inside the film. 

That way, it no longer mattered that you couldn’t see the horror – you could feel it. 



Using LiSTNR, we knew could target people wearing headphones, which meant we could target them with 3D audio; an immersive experience not yet felt by most audio listeners. 

By combining 1st party data and cutting-edge technology, we placed the listener inside the movie, giving the feeling of fear never felt before. The horror was real, the breathing felt as if it was over your left shoulder, and the blood-curdling screams pass right behind you! 



This is what the client had to say: 

“I loved how easy it was to work together to see this exciting early access release come to life. From briefing in, to receiving the audio for approvals – CTA was spot-on, while we allowed for creative license with wonderful results. The team completely understood the tone of the film & how to capture their audience’ attention” – Client, Universal Sony Pictures Home Entertainment Australia: 

“We were really impressed with the quality of the audio that came out of this campaign. For a limited budget, we were able to deliver great value with audio that had the perfect tone to bring the film to life. For our client, it’s really important to be able to drive purchase, so the ability to include ‘Shake Me’ ads was a great way for us to provide additional value and contribute to the overall objectives of the campaign” – Agency, Slingshot.