Eumundi Brewery are famous for brewing the best beers around Eumundi, but the Sunshine Coast region is home to many craft beers, so we needed to strengthen the connection for Eumundi in the community and increase preference for the brand. 



Many consumer psychologists talk about the IKEA Effect – the idea that if you build something yourself, you take greater ownership of it. We used this insight to inform our thinking. 



The call was put out to create a beer. The Eumundi ‘Brewed by Eu’ competition.​ 

We used a combination of show partnerships, live events, in-show interviews and social media to bring this campaign to the region, which was lead by Mix92.7’s  Todd & Sami.  

Listeners registered their beer flavour suggestion - Votes were then cast, and a winner was drawn: Josh’s Black Cockatoo Lager  That beer was then showcased on tap at the local pub, and in cans ready to be sent around the stores of region for everyone to buy. 



“For the second year, Eumundi Brewery has worked with the team at SCA/MixFM on our brand campaign and the results have once again proven the power of activating on a hyper local scale. The Eumundi Brewed By Eu campaign grew Eumundi Prompted Awareness from 77% pre to 92% post campaign (vs. 86% post in 2020). Key brand perception metrics performed higher than local Sunny Coast independent breweries: "Is Local" 72% vs. Your Mates 49%, "Is craft beer" 54% vs. 50% Heads of Noosa (60% Your Mates), "Is high quality" 33% vs 29% Your Mates.  Eumundi’s overall budget is quite small, so being able to deliver these results is vital to the overall success of the brand. Considering we have delivered a 344% Media Value ROI and Eumundi volume is up +142% Oct MAT vs YAGO, it is clear that the campaign has had a positive effect. The team is an absolute pleasure to work with and we look forward to continuing our partnership in 2022.”