Paintings That Speak

The results for the campaign were more impactful when delivered across the SCA audio ecosystem, compared with FM Radio only.

  • Prompted brand awareness- 19% SCA Audio Ecosystem Listeners (19% compared to FM only)
  • Exhibition awareness- 20% SCA Audio Ecosystem Listeners (+67% compared to FM only)
  • Took action as a result of hearing the audio campaign - 66% SCA Audio Ecosystem Listeners (+16% compared to FM only)

The exhibition- 2000 interactions in the first few opening weeks, with 200 people each day accessing the voice app and asked an average of 2 questions per week.



Create awareness and drive attendance to the Last Seen art exhibition, a fundraising initiative for the Queensland Eye Institute Foundation. The exhibition showcased the work of nine influential artists who painted the dearly held visual memories of everyday Australians who had experienced vision loss through disease or accident.



The campaign was founded on a rich and compelling creative concept, so we started with AI testing to bring the campaign to life via audio in the most memorable and effective way possible.

The supplied creative was optimised using Veritonic testing and a suite of new assets were created to run on traditional and digital audio channels throughout the SCA audio ecosystem. Each of the ads were created to enhance a range of emotional attributes such as “Innovative”, “Inspiring”, “Unique” and “Relevant to Me”.

Broadcast radio was used to achieve awareness at scale, while digital audio was used to drive targeted messaging to affinity audiences.

The campaign ran across a range channels over eight weeks, including:

  • Hit & Triple M FM Radio
  • Catch-up Radio
  • Soundcloud & InStream targeting
  • Street Team crosses

In addition, we invited participants into to recording studio to help us tell their story through sound and together produced 3D audio soundscapes to match the paintings. These soundscapes were included on the Last Seen website and also made available on Soundcloud.

A first of its kind initiative, we also partnered with voice experts Talk Via to make the whole experience immersive and interactive via smart speakers, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa enabled devices.

Visitors to the exhibition could hear the soundcapes and information about the paintings, participants and artists through headphones using a bespoke voice app using their smart assistant on their mobile.

The voice skill received international acclaim, selected by a panel of judges as a winner in the 2020 Webby Awards for “Apps, Mobile and Voice” category. Competing against the likes of Harvard Business Review and Encyclopedia Britannica, Last Seen is the only Australian voice skill to be recognised globally in a one-of-a-kind smart speaker experience.



The Studio @ SCA Brisbane · Last Seen Soundscape: Wayne

The Studio @ SCA Brisbane · Last Seen Soundscape: Peter

The Studio @ SCA Brisbane · Last Seen Soundscape: Oscar

The Studio @ SCA Brisbane · Last Seen Soundscape: Lisa