Grey Goose wanted to rival Aperol Spritz and do something that created talkability and stayed true to the premium nature of the brand.


We created a world-first; The Grey Goose Garden Bar. A Branded podcast that combined the strengths of 3D audio and the latest in audio science, Sonic Seasoning, to create a first of it's kind listening experience.
Sonic Seasoning is music composed specifically to heighten the taste of the final product.

Listeners enter the three-dimensional audio landscape of The Grey Goose Garden Bar, then their host Brooke Boney guides them through mixing a unique, delicious Grey Goose cocktail.
Then, while the listener drinks their cocktail, they'll hear a tailored musical composition – crafted specifically to enhance the taste of that Cocktail! ​


 Broadcast gave us the broad reach we needed to launch this innovative experience to a large audience. ​Digital platforms allowed us to target people listening on headsets, so that they could be introduced to the immersive experience of 3D audio. ​

Social was used to draw other listeners into the experience and PR bolstered the campaign and built the fame for Grey Goose. ​Using multiple platforms ensured that we expanded our reach and drove key associations that allowed Grey Goose to be salient over summer.


58% took some kind of action*

86% increase in unprompted first to mind **

NPS increase of 36.5 pts


*of those who listened to the podcast
** of those exposed to the campaign
SOURCE: SCAiQ_GreyGoose_Post_January22