LiSTNR is a curated and personalised free app offering radio, podcasts, music and news to Australians. LiSTNR features all of SCA's existing digital content plus a huge range of new and compelling premium content. 

8 million* LiSTNRS engage with SCA's digital assets across LiSTNR, Hit, Triple M, SoundCloud, Sonos Radio, BBC, Apple & ESPN. They're our LiSTNR tribe; fans of the exceptional quality and diversity of Australia's most trusted voices, delivered by Australia's biggest content creators.


Our LiSTNRs are everywhere your brand wants to be; they're receptive to your message at the right time, whether it's the time of day, leaning in during business hours or kicking back on weekends. 

Our LiSTNRs are in the right place; whether it's across multiple devices, in metro and regional markets right around Australia or in a retail environment.

And our LiSTNRs are also in the right mood; immersive 1:1 audio experiences that create contextually relevant environments which foster receptive mindsets, heightened attention, consideration and likelihood to take action.

Consumption of digital audio doubled from 2016 to 2020 and it is projected that 80% of Australians will be listening to digital audio by 2024. LiSTNR's first-party data provides a unique, rich understanding of our users, and helps our clients reach and target their audience with precision and scale. 

* Source: LiSTNR Digital Audio Network: 8m Australians per month, including LiSTNR streaming, podcasts, Soundcloud and Sonos.


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