LiSTNR is here. 

SCA has launched LiSTNR – a curated and personalised, free app offering radio, podcasts, music, and news, creating a new audio destination for all Australians.  

LiSTNR features all of SCA’s existing digital content plus a huge range of new and compelling premium content, all located in one free and easy to use app.  

Consumption of digital audio doubled from 2016 to 2020 and is projected that 80% of Australians will be listening to digital audio by 2024, making LiSTNR an important part of our digital transformation. 

LiSTNR will generate first-party data and it is this deep understanding of our signed-in audience that will give us an enhanced ability to offer our clients targeted, engaged audiences at scale.   

This is just the beginning. Open Your Ears to a new world of audio. 

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