Layered audio campaigns are more effective

  • Campaign with Luxe Walls to test the effectiveness of a layered broadcast and digital audio campaign
  • +238% increase in unprompted awareness
  • +212% increase in sales
  • +52% website visits



Our test was to see how layering different audio platforms could improve campaign effectiveness, so we partnered with removable wallpaper company Luxe Walls to find out.



Our aim was to raise awareness amongst adults (female skew) and drive hits to website / app. To test the effectiveness of different mediums we ran one market with broadcast radio only, one with digital audio only, and one with both.

The layered audio market outperformed those with one medium only and included:

  • broadcast radio for mass reach,
  • live radio streaming experience on desktop & mobile,
  • smart speaker creative targeting those in home,
  • 'ShakeMe' creative, delivered throughout the in-app live radio streaming experience,
  • Radio podcasting, and
  • Soundcloud advertising to reach a younger creative segment.



From the campaign we learnt four things:

  • Broadcast radio as the foundation ensures broad reach, while layering digital audio can provide unique addressable audiences and unique environments
  • Build for context - using multiple platforms can expose your brand to new ears and audiences.
  • Even though you are making it for a different context, you still need distinct assets to tie it all together for consistency
  • Frequency works - audio is powerful at making brands famous for key attributes due to the frequency of message that can be afforded.



“Our aim for Luxe Walls was to capture new markets and make Luxe Walls top of mind. With a strong visual presence on social media and in magazines, we felt radio was the channel that could expand our audience. We loved the creative SCA created and found it ‘ear catching’.

“As a result of the SCA campaign, traffic to our site increased and eventually sales increased too. November was our biggest month ever, with a sales increase of 212%. Being on SCA’s broadcast and digital audio platforms fortified our brand as being number one and complemented our PR and social media campaign.”

Julia Hill; Luxe Walls Co-Founder





Read the press release here.