Launch a new premium frozen pie and build awareness of the best pie in Australia. 



Build intrigue and desire at key “hunger times” through voices that consumers’ trust. SCA created a mouth-watering campaign that allowed Pie Society to focus solely on their product – no gimmicks necessary! The campaign was strategically designed to deliver on three key pillars: 


IRRESISTIBLE - We needed to create desire for Pie Society to stand out from competitors. We seduced our audience with soft tones and mouth-watering descriptions. ​The creative featured across all assets and was weighted towards key hunger moments to maximize action after hearing the commercial. 


INFLUENCE – By layering in the voices of trusted talent Carrie and Tommy, we created advocacy for this new brand launch. Our key talent were chosen to connect with a GB audience at scale and resonate with the primary SINK and DINK audience. Carrie and Tommy trialled the pies on-air, delivering authentic conversation and recommendation during their show. 


INSTORE – To drive action as Pie Society became established in the minds of our consumers, we encouraged trial and collated reviews from consumers who had tasted the pie and loved them! 



The not so humble campaign delivered some not so humble results. 

  • +200% increase in unprompted awareness of Pie Society Bran 
  • +243% increase in core brand statement not a humble pie 
  • 51% Took action as a result of hearing the campaign (SCA Average Benchmark 36% SCA FMCG Benchmark 47%) Take a listen here.