Mix94.5’s resident foodie and BBQ connoisseur Pete Curulli has been dead keen to create his very own meat rub.  

He teamed up with Whittington’s and the people of Perth to create something unique, so people could ‘Pete their Meat’. 



A 3-month Content Arc followed the journey of Pete’s meat rub from inception, to creation and sales. There were 3 distinct phases to the campaign: 

  1. LAUNCH – Pete announced the creation of his very own BBQ spice rub with Whittington’s 
  1. CREATION – Pete created his custom spice with input from the people of Perth across airtime, digital and socials 
  1. RELEASE – Pete’s custom spice rub was made available for sale in stores across Perth and online 


Take a listen here



An on-air, digital audio and social media content arc that led to tangible product sales and a direct line of revenue Whittington’s range, doubling their sales volume! 

  • 715,000 Commercial Reach > 49% Commercial Reach GB’s 
  • 16.41 Average Frequency GB’s > 3 months, Sales volume doubled