The objective of the Sound Bubble Study was to determine how different variations of creative messaging can result in greater action and/or brand uplift.   

To gather a variety of results, we created different messaging to see which was most effective - not an easy task with an established, national client. So, we created our own brand: Sound Bubble. A 3D audio tool designed to help you relax.

Click HERE to experience SOUND BUBBLE.



Create distinctive audio assets.

  • Distinctive assets don’t just tell people who you are, they help people feel your brand personality. 
  • As featured in the IPSOS report ‘the Power of you’, ads featuring sonic brand cues are 8.5x more likely to increase branded attention than ads that don’t.

Your music bed must enforce your distinctive melody.

  • Threading your brand melody throughout your music bed is a non-invasive way to reinforce your brand name. Another great way to help boost recall and unprompted awareness.     

Fuse your core melody with your brand name.

  • As featured in our Veritonic Audio Logo index, audio logos that feature melody and rhythm outperform those that don’t. Start with your name or tagline, follow the natural rhythmic pattern then add your melody.

Test. Test. Test. As the old saying goes, measure twice, cut once. 

  • Take any opportunity to test your distinctive assets, voice and scripts to ensure they resonate with your audience before you launch your campaign.



To see the full results of the study in detail, click HERE