Two new Audio Influence Amplifier reports reveal how brands can optimise their influence and consideration by leveraging audio’s competitive advantage.

Influence and consideration objectives sit in the middle of the marketing funnel. Prospective customers have moved on from awareness of the problem they’re seeking a solution for and are now focused on the solution your brand can deliver for them. At this point, the role of a powerful medium to motivate audiences to take the next step becomes a critical one.

Audio lifts consideration more effectively than many other consumer touchpoints and LiSTNR campaigns deliver an average uplift in consideration of 27%*.

Whether the brand challenge is stagnant or shrinking budgets, a fight for attention and cut-through and/or measurable outcomes, LiSTNR helps advertisers do more with less, ensures your brand is heard, and proves it.

To find out more about how your brand’s influence can soar with audio, download the latest SCAiQ reports Audio Influence Amplifier.

Best for: Planners/Managers of integrated media campaigns (Total Audio) and Planners/Managers of digital-only scopes (Digital Audio) as well as in-house marketers and SMEs.

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*Source: SCA Client Insights Brand Lift Studies – Jan 2020 – Mar 2023. Digital Radio (17 campaigns) Podcasts (28 Campaigns)