LiSTNR today announced that Mick Molloy and Titus O’Reily’s podcast has expanded to become Bizarre with Mick Molloy and Titus O’Reily, featuring more episodes, more laughs, and more hilarious stories.

Following the ongoing success of the pair’s original Sports Bizarre podcast, Mick and Titus are expanding the format to now include an additional weekly episode called Animal Bizarre. With their trademark wit, banter, and storytelling, Mick and Titus will take listeners on a captivating journey through the animal kingdom as they share wonderful and wacky stories.

Mick Molloy said: “From seagulls who are too fat to fly, drunk echidnas, a crypto-investing hamster, racoons hell bent on disrupting a ‘gender reveal party’, and a bear who invaded a military base, every week we will be looking at the most bizarre stories from the animal kingdom.”

Titus O’Reily said: “We’ve been thrilled with the ongoing success of Sports Bizarre – and we will continue to find the weird stories from the sports world, but we’ve always wanted to branch out with other topics. When it comes to the stories we tell about animals, we are like David Attenborough if he didn’t fact check and had an incredibly poor understanding of wildlife.”

LiSTNR Original Podcasts Head of Entertainment and Culture, Sam Cavanagh, said: “We couldn’t be more excited that Mick and Titus are expanding their smash hit podcast Sports Bizarre. To be in the top 50 All Australian Podcasts Ranker* in less than 12 months is an incredible achievement.  

“Mick and Titus have developed a winning format, and we can’t wait to hear the incredible, true stories of the animal kingdom brought to life by these Australian comedy legends.”

Bizarre with Mick Molloy and Titus O’Reily will feature two new episodes weekly on LiSTNR. The Sports Bizarre episodes will continue to be released every Monday, and the Animal Bizarre episodes will be available each Wednesday.

Source: *Australian Podcast Ranker Top 200 All Australian Podcasts – March 2024.


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