What do actress Jada Pinkett-Smith, author Deepak Chopra, actor Matthew McConaughey, Formula One driver Daniel Ricciardo, singer Mel C and actress Geena Davis have in common? They have all spoken with writer, wellbeing expert, mindset coach and podcast host Sarah Grynberg to share and discover how to achieve greatness in life.

LiSTNR podcast A Life of Greatness with Sarah Grynberg returns today for an eighth season. The podcast has consistently resonated with listeners, earning praise for its thought-provoking interviews and unique storytelling. Hosted by the incomparable Sarah Grynberg, the new season will delve even deeper into the lives of exceptional guests, providing audiences with a front-row seat to the insights, challenges, and triumphs that have defined their remarkable journeys.

Grynberg, an accomplished host and sought-after interviewer, brings her engaging and empathetic style to each episode, fostering a genuine connection with her guests. Her ability to extract candid and compelling narratives has made A Life of Greatness a must-listen for those seeking inspiration and motivation.

Joining Grynberg for the first episode of 2024 is personal development, habits, and performance thought leader, James Clear, who is the author of ground-breaking number-one New York Times bestselling book, Atomic Habits. During their engaging conversation, Grynberg and Clear discuss how a person can actively design and direct their habits and how small habits can have a profound impact on a person's life, making it the perfect conversation for the beginning of a new year and season.

Sarah Grynberg said: “Each and every conversation featured on A Life of Greatness is an exploration of how greatness can be cultivated. As a mindset coach of high performing individuals, including elite athletes, I use the time with my guests to dig beneath the surface and connect with their true self. More often than not these conversations go to depths that neither my guest or I ever expected."

LiSTNR Original Podcasts Head of Entertainment and Culture, Sam Cavanagh, said: "With over 200 interviews that have featured a former Australian Prime Minister, musical greats such as Olivia Newton-John and world-renowned experts including Esther Perel, Sarah secures fascinating guests and then crafts the most insightful conversations. There's a reason A Life of Greatness is now top of the list when high profile guests want to connect with an Australian audience.”

All previous seasons of A Life of Greatness with Sarah Grynberg are available on LiSTNR, including interviews with Jada Pinkett-Smith, Olivia Newton-John, Matthew McConaughey, Daniel Ricardo and Jay Shetty.

A Life of Greatness with Sarah Grynberg is available on LiSTNR, with new episodes available every Tuesday.


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