- LiSTNR published podcasts grow by more than 550,000 monthly listeners year on year ^ -

LiSTNR is once again Australia’s no. 1 sales representation^ podcast network, reaching almost 7 million listeners in February, according to the Australian Podcast Ranker.

LiSTNR achieved more than 6.995 million listeners last month and has 18 podcasts in the top 50 of the Top 200 Australian Podcast Ranker*, more than double that of its closest competitor.

In addition, LiSTNR’s published ‘owned and operated’ podcasts grew their monthly audience to 3.178 million listeners, an increase of 552,877 monthly listeners year on year.

7am with Schwartz Media continued its run as the number one news podcast and The Howie Games is the most popular sports podcast in the Top 200 Podcasts.

In addition, Happy Hour with Lucy & Nikki made a stunning debut at number 16 with 261,201 monthly listeners on the Top 200 Podcasts.

Other popular LiSTNR podcasts in the top 50 include Hamish & Andy, Crime Junkie, Darling, Shine!, It’s A Lot with Abbie Chatfield, Morbid and Hamish & Andy’s Remembering Project.

Several podcasts were big movers in the February ranker*, including The Marty Sheargold Show with 147,490 listeners (up by more than 49,000), and with the return of the footy season, The Rush Hour with JB & Billy grew its audience by more than 63,000 to 125,976. Matt & Alex’s All Day Breakfast increased its audience by 15,893, while CommSec Market Update was up 20,792 to 88,872 monthly listeners and Fifi, Fev and Nick grew by 20,403 to 45,995 listeners.

In addition, the new Secrets We Keep – Nest of Traitors attracted 99,625 listeners marking its return to the Top 200.

Other debuts on the ranker included Mr Ballen Podcast: Strange, Dark & Mysterious Stories, The Megyn Kelly Show, Dark Downeast and The Scorecard Daily Sports News.

“LiSTNR has increased its overall audience in February to strengthen its uncontested number one Sales Representation Network position. On a year-on-year basis from February 2023 to February 2024, LiSTNR’s published ‘owned and operated’ audience has increased by more than 550,000 monthly listeners in today’s Australian Podcast Ranker results. In addition, Hamish & Andy are back with a brand-new season that launched on 29 February, and as the radio ratings season and AFL and NRL footy seasons kick off, our radio and sports podcasts will continue to grow listeners,” SCA Executive Head LiSTNR Podcasts, Grant Tothill, said.

“The latest Secrets We Keep investigative podcast, Nest of Traitors, which launched at the start of February is really starting to build audience and with new works in the pipeline Secrets We Keep will continue to grow and strengthen our investigative story telling position.”

SCA Chief Commercial Officer, Seb Rennie, said: “Today’s Australian Podcast Ranker results are a strong demonstration of LiSTNR’s audience growth and listener engagement. With the launch of LiSTNR’s AdTech Hub this month providing deep insights and a privacy first environment, and a new, improved user experience on the refreshed LiSTNR app, there are even more compelling reasons for advertisers to take advantage of the unique benefits that podcast advertising brings and engage with listeners on a deeper level."

Sources: *Australian Podcast Ranker Top 200 Podcasts – February 2024, ^Australian Podcast Ranker - Top Sales Representatives – February 2024.


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