- LISTNR retains its mantle as Australia’s no. 1 Sales Representatives Network^ -

As Hamish & Andy celebrate the 20th anniversary of their podcast, the pair has topped the Australian Podcast Ranker* once again in November with more than 1 million listeners. 

Also Australia’s no.1 comedy podcast, Hamish & Andy has broken another record, taking the top spot 23 times, more than any other podcast. 

LiSTNR has continued its unsurpassed run as Australia’s largest podcast Sales Representatives Network^, reaching more than 7.3 million monthly listeners in November, according to the Australian Podcast Ranker results released today. 

The Howie Games is Australia’s no. 1 sports podcast. 

LiSTNR has launched a raft of award-winning and smash-hit podcasts this year including Darling, Shine!, Do You F*cking Mind?, Sports Bizarre, KICPOD, Luke and Sassy Scott, The Children in the Pictures, Crime Insiders, Secrets We Keep, and You Don’t Know Me

LiSTNR had 69 podcasts in the Top 200 ranker*, more than any other podcast network. 

“As the ABC joins the Podcast Ranker for the first time, it’s great to see LiSTNR maintain its publisher position and remain Australia’s biggest podcast Sales Representatives Network. Hamish & Andy being number one again is a remarkable and unrivalled feat, as LiSTNR also releases the fifth season of Hamish & Andy’s Remembering Project,” SCA Executive Head LiSTNR Podcasts, Grant Tothill, said. 

“It has been a strong year for the LiSTNR team with success in publishing new formats and titles to attract new audiences and offer advertisers more opportunity to reach them.” 

Sources: *Australian Podcast Ranker Top 200 Podcasts – November 2023, ^Australian Podcast Ranker - Top Sales Representatives – November 2023.