LiSTNR today announced the launch of a new podcast dedicated to the Australian obsession with video on demand, called The Streaming Service, hosted by the culture king himself Justin Hill.

Each week, Jus will keep you up to date with everyone that’s hot and not, and everything you need to be across in the world of streaming services. Whether it’s Netflix, Binge, Stan, Disney +, Paramount Plus, Apple TV or HayU, Justin’s watched it – and he has a view.

A celebrity reporter, Hill recently hosted Stan Original’s RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under: The Podcast, and the Hit Network and Sydney Gar & Lesbian Mardi Gras Official Podcast. On The Streaming Service, Hill will also chat with with some of the biggest names in Australian entertainment on what they are bingeing and why they love it.

LiSTNR Content Director of Shortcasts Deirdre Fogarty said: “I couldn’t be more thrilled to be working with Justin on The Streaming Service; nobody knows entertainment quite like Jus, and since his friends and family regularly message him to ask him for advice on what to watch anyway, it only made sense to extend his superior knowledge to the world of audio. Consider him the modern version of the paper TV guide you used to fight your siblings over”

Justin Hill said: “For years celebrities have hit me up on red carpets asking me to promote their new TV shows and movies so doing this podcast with LiSTNR seemed like a good way to keep it fair for all of them and maybe Chris Hemsworth will FINALLY stop DMing me. I'm so excited to bring this podcast to everyone's ears, once and for all ending that age-old question... what should we watch?”

LiSTNR is committed to its expansion of entertainment and culture podcast for all Australians.

New episodes of The Streaming Service will be available each week on Thursday.


About LiSTNR:

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