LiSTNR podcast series, Stories of Us, is a collection of untold stories from some of Australia’s biggest names and everyday heroes to celebrate regional Australian communities.

In each episode, host Sarah Grynberg from A Life of Greatness, is joined by a guest whose journey was made against the backdrop of regional Australia.

Grynberg’s inquisitive interview style ensures that her conversations, with the likes of activist and former Australian of the Year Grace Tame, singer Shannon Noll, musician Pete Murray and comedian Rhys Nicholson, uncover all the joy, heartache, and wisdom that have shaped their lives and the impact that the heartland of our nation has had on them.

The first episode features a lively chat with Ben Gillies, the talented drummer from iconic Australian band Silverchair. Heralding from Newcastle, New South Wales, Ben explains how his love for the area has never waned, despite the global success he achieved with the band. “Wherever you’re born, and you grow up, you tend to just fall in love with it,” Gillies said.

While reminiscing about the band's glory days and subsequent fallout, Gillies shared a poignant moment from 2021: the last text message he received from Silverchair's enigmatic lead singer, Daniel Johns. “It was pretty definitely felt like a full stop. It’s one of the painful parts of the storytelling,” Gillies reflects during his Stories of Us conversation.

Grynberg said: “From diverse walks of life, this nation has given rise to exceptional individuals, whose stories serve as a boundless source of inspiration. It is an honour to traverse the many landscapes of regional Australia and celebrate these extraordinary stories.”

SCA Executive Head LiSTNR Podcasts, Grant Tothill, said: “In unearthing these remarkable stories, the series aims to collectively redefine what it truly means to be human and the importance of regional communities.”

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