As the Treasurer of Australia and the Deputy Leader of the Liberal Party, the Hon Josh Frydenberg MP has a strong voice on national and international issues in Australian parliament. The new Josh Frydenberg Podcast with Sarah Grynberg will release episodes on LiSTNR each month with the aim of answering questions that the Australian community would like to know more about - beyond the media scrums and soundbites.

Josh is one of the first sitting politicians to launch a podcast, breaking away from traditional 10 second news bites we tend to hear. For the first time, he will sit down and answer questions in informative conversations.

Co-host Sarah Grynberg will ask Josh about some of the most pressing topics that everyday Australians want to know more about, including how we emerge stronger from COVID-19, our economy, the mental health of our children, his views on the changes that are required so every citizen can lead a more positive and prosperous life.

As Australia’s Treasurer, Josh has arguably one of the nation’s toughest jobs, but is also a devoted father and every-day man.

In the first episode, listeners will get to know more about the human-side of Josh, along with answers to some of our most pressing questions.

Sarah Grynberg said: “I am excited to be sharing the mic with Josh Frydenberg to highlight all the current and urgent issues affecting our daily lives as Australians. We’ll dive into a rich tapestry of topics from the ongoing pandemic and its impact on business, travel, education, and mental health. We aim to cover it all. It’s been eye-opening getting to know more about our Treasurer and his life before Cabinet.”

Josh Frydenberg said: “It’s great to sit down with Sarah to have regular, in-depth discussions about the issues confronting everyday Australians.”

By sharing impactful, real life and change driven conversations, the co-hosts aim to offer listeners the chance to have educated and informed opinions.

Josh Frydenberg Podcast with Sarah Grynberg is now available on the LiSTNR app.

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