Ahead of the AFL's most anticipated match-up, LiSTNR today announced that the Ben and Harry Podcast will be renamed for one exclusive episode: the Ben VS Harry Podcast. This episode, releasing on Tuesday, 4 June, will provide footy fans with an exclusive insight into the brothers' mindset before they clash in their big game, Carlton v Essendon.

Essendon's Ben McKay and Carlton's Harry McKay have built impressive football careers over their nine years in the AFL. Between them, they have amassed more than 200 games, 1,100 marks, thousands of sledges, and one Coleman Medal; a fact Harry never lets Ben forget! For the first time the twin titans and podcasters, Ben and Harry, will face each other in an AFL match.

Whilst the two go head-to-head every week behind the microphone, it's time for the brothers to finally put their skills to the test on the field. The lead-up to their first footy clash will surely make for an intriguing listen as the twins preview the game.

Essendon defender Ben McKay said: “It’s a big couple of weeks for the Ben and Harry Podcast. We’ve been in the AFL system for more than eight years, so I’m looking forward to crossing paths for the first time on a footy field at the 'G. This week and next week's episodes are going to be massive.”

Carlton forward Harry McKay said: "Our battles have taken place in the podcast studio over the past 18 months, where we’ve gone head-to-head each week. So, I’m looking forward to finally taking it out onto the field and letting the footy do the talking!”

LiSTNR’s Michael James said: "The footy gods have finally aligned for the match-up of the century. This episode has been over a year in the making, and I can't wait for people to hear it before the fellas take the battle from the studio to the MCG.”

For years, rumours have persisted that Ben and Harry are the same person. While LiSTNR can neither confirm nor deny this, there's only one way to find out. Full coverage of Essendon v Carlton at the MCG will be available on the Triple M Network and LiSTNR from 7:20 pm on Sunday, 10 June.

The highly anticipated episode of the Ben VS Harry Podcast will be available on LiSTNR from Tuesday, 4 June.


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