LiSTNR today announced a second season of the successful 1 in 5 mothers, 1 in 10 fathers podcast with host Davina Smith to loudly explore the often silent truth of perinatal depression and anxiety (PNDA).

For many parents, pregnancy and the first year of parenthood can be a challenging and overwhelming time, but for one in five mothers and one in 10 fathers, those bad days become the norm when they are experiencing PNDA.

The Gidget Foundation Australia has once again partnered with LiSTNR to shine a light on those affected with season two of 1 in 5 mothers, 1 in 10 fathers.

Nine News presenter Davina Smith and her husband Mark gave birth to their daughter Rose in 2016. The isolation of being away from family and friends and with their baby daughter experiencing reflux and food allergies, along with sleep deprivation, saw Davina diagnosed with PNDA after several months.

In season two of the podcast, Davina, who is now a Gidget Foundation ambassador, will provide listeners with raw and honest accounts from some of the one in five mothers and one in ten fathers living with PNDA. Paired with expert insights from psychologists and counsellors in the field, this podcast explores the realities of parenthood, breaks down the stigma surrounding perinatal mental health, and gives parents the tools on how and when to seek support.  

Special guests this season include Ellidy Pullin, the host of LiSTNR’s Darling, Shine!, who tragically lost her husband, mother of triplets and Director of the Australian Multiple Birth Association Silje Andersen-Cooke, solo mum Alexandra Collier, mental health educator Kylianne Farrell, and experts including Dr Daniel Golshevsky from the Dr Golly and the Experts podcast, and clinical psychologist Dr Erin Seeto, among others.

Gidget Foundation Australia was established 23 years ago to support the emotional wellbeing of expectant and new parents to ensure they receive timely, appropriate and specialist care. Gidget was the nickname of a vibrant young mother who tragically took her own life while experiencing postnatal depression, a diagnosis that she kept to herself.

1 in 5 mothers, 1 in 10 fathers host, Davina Smith, said: “I’m so honoured to help share the stories of these wonderful parents in the second series of the podcast. Last year we spoke to families who faced a perinatal anxiety or depression diagnosis. This year is a little different. It’s a tool kit for parenting, inspiration for when the Hollywood script of having a baby doesn’t run exactly to plan – when does it ever though? We offer practical tips to guide you through those challenges, easy things you can incorporate into your busy, crazy, challenging, unique, colourful, and frustrating new life as a parent.

“My greatest fear when I was very sick with PNDA was I was failing, and I was all alone. Through these stories we prove you are not alone. We all feel it, being a parent is tough. During recording, I laughed and cried, every parent we spoke to hitting a nerve and helping me now even in my parenting journey. I hope listeners like me will be empowered and supported by these deeply personal stories.”

Gidget Foundation Australia Marketing Director, Alicia Yelavich, said: “At Gidget Foundation Australia, we hope to ensure that all parents know they are not alone, and that support is available to them when needed. Our podcast alike shares carefully curated stories to demonstrate that every parent’s journey is unique and that no two experiences are the same. In season two, we delve deep into some taboo topics that come with pregnancy and the newborn phase, such as IVF, grief and loss, and single parenting. It is our hope that listeners will find comfort and connection in these honest stories and take away some helpful tips from our experts.”

LiSTNR Senior Executive Producer, Branded Podcasts, Todd Stevens, said: “This latest season of the podcast builds on the foundations created in season one where stories of PNDA and coping strategies were discussed and takes it further by unpacking the vast array of challenges that parents face, and the impact that these challenges can have on mental and overall health.

“Covering topics ranging from solo parenting to the nuances of raising neurodivergent children, and the unique intricacies of parenting triplets, these personal stories and the roundtables that follow them will offer valuable insights to anyone undergoing their own parenting journey. LiSTNR is proud to partner with the Gidget Foundation to discuss such an important topic.”

Launching today, 1 May, 1 in 5 mothers, 1 in 10 fathers will have eight episodes in season two, released fortnightly every second Wednesday. Listen here on LiSTNR.


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