Initial findings

  • Broadcast audio commands high attention, on par with other broadcast mediums.
  • SCA's suite of audio performed better than some visual attention counterparts in the digital media space.

SCA's insights division, SCAiQ worked with Amplified Intelligence, the global leader in attention testing, and Professor Karen Nelson-Field, to conduct a feasibility study into broadcast audio attention.

"The attention economy is the new oil for marketers and this world first test of audio attention has the real ability to change the way they look at audio. More Australians are listening to more audio across more devices and their 'audio diet' continues to grow, with 16.8 million people tuning into audio every week.* SCA has a compelling and trusted suite of premium Australian voices that connect and create high attention opportunities for advertisers. An audio attention metric is the missing piece of the puzzle to prove that relationship." said Grant Blackley, SCA CEO.

Broadcast Audio Amplifier

Professor Nelson-Field said: "Audio formats hold an important place in a visually tired society, they have the potential to drive solid attention from their listeners. Our initial feasibility study with SCA established a rigorous methodology for measuring attention for audio and we are excited to continue our work with them to extract true value from attention insights for their advertisers."

SCAiQ Head of Sales Insights & Campaign Strategy, Abi Wallis said: 'To date, the buzz around attention has been focused on visual mediums, yet broadcast audio gets brands noticed and thought of in buying situations. Audio needed to be part of this important conversation. Preliminary findings from SCAiQ's study with Amplified Intelligence validates environments we know to be powerful, signalling that broadcast audio attracts focused attention. We're excited that the CRA and our industry partners recognise the importance of getting audio attention into play and will continue this testing as a group."

Commercial Radio Australia (CRA) and its members have committed to continue this testing to develop audio attention metrics for broadcast audio and podcasting.

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* Source: Nielsen CMV Survey 10 2021, National. P14+ Total Audio Users = Broadcast Radio, Online Music
Streaming, Online Radio streaming or Podcast.P7D