As media consumption continues to fragment, inflation increases and budgets are impacted, ad-supported audio* punches well above its weight when it comes to increasing a campaign’s scale cost-effectively. In addition, NAB Consumer Insights (Q2 2022) has revealed that Australians are tightening their belts and making big changes to their spending and lifestyle in response to the rising cost of living. Read the NAB report here.

As inflationary pressures impact media budgets, SCAiQ’s Audio Reach Amplifier reveals how ad-supported audio inflates reach, not eCPMs. Audio Reach Amplifier, the first in a series to be released by SCAiQ in the coming months, reveals, for the first time, an accurate picture of the cumulative effect of adding ad-supported audio to your media mix, the value it adds to every stage of the marketing funnel.

*Ad-supported audio includes commercial radio, streaming live radio, streaming music, and podcasting.

Best for: Planners/Managers of integrated media campaigns (Total Audio) and Planners/Managers of digital-only scopes (Digital Audio) as well as in-house marketers and SMEs.

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