As part of SCA’s partnership with the BBC, LiSTNR will now feature some of the best BBC factual audio programs and documentaries.

In Tim Harford’s 50 Things That Made the Modern Economy, economist, broadcaster and journalist Harford tells the fascinating stories of inventions, ideas and innovations which have helped create the modern economic world.

One episode looks at US tech giant Google and how its algorithm may well shape our access to knowledge for generations to come. Nature documentary Blue Planet II takes a deeper dive in to the marine science and spectacle of the ocean world, presented by Emily Knight and Becky Ripley, who are joined by Sir David Attenborough to uncover the secrets of the sea.

Film critic Antonia Quirke hosts Quirkes Cast and Crew, in which she chats to crew members working on the film and drama series that are defining modern entertainment. Antonia visits the set of the Netflix megahit, The Crown, to discover how productions like these transform 30 flag-waving actors to look like a crowd of 30,000 on screen.

The series also divulges the secrets of some of the most interesting crew members in the industry, including animal wranglers, foley artists, stuntwomen, visual effects specialists, composers, and location managers who all share what part each department plays in bringing stories to life on the small and big screens.

British author, historian and columnist Ben Macintyre hosts All Fair in War: A History of Military Deception, which delves into some of the biggest battles in history as well as the tactics of war; including camouflage, spies, and double agents and ‘Trojan horses’.

These BBC factual and documentary programs and more are available on the LiSTNR app.

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