PodcastOne Australia today announces a new podcast to join its 2021 line up that promises to improve your skills in the kitchen. Hosted by one of Australia’s leading chefs, Adrian ‘Richo’ Richardson, Cooking with Richo invites listeners to grab some ingredients, jump into their kitchen and cook a dish in real-time with the audio guidance of professional chef Richo.

Focusing on mastering essential cooking techniques like pan-frying, roasting and braising, Richo begins each series with a theory episode about different cooking techniques. He will also make sure you have the essential utensils to be a culinary success, with each episode focused on serving up an exceptional dish, becoming an expert in the kitchen to create the ultimate fish, meat or veggie meal.

In each practical cooking episode, Richo will share his trade secrets and point out the smells, changes in texture and even the sounds you should be hearing as signs your meal is cooking to perfection. By the end of each episode, you’ll not only have picked up the skills on how to pan fry chicken or pot sticker dumplings like a pro, you’ll also have a beautiful dish to tuck into.

Adrian ‘Richo’ Richardson is no stranger to the kitchen counter, with a huge passion for food, he is an award-winning Australian chef as owner of Melbourne restaurants, La Luna Bistro and Bouvier Bar. Richo’s career has even seen him work on television screens alongside Jamie Oliver, Gary Mehigan, Miguel Maestre and a guest appearance on Network Ten’s MasterChef Australia.

Richo believes that an audio masterclass is the best way to teach people the fundamental skills of cooking and start them on their journey to cooking as well as a professional chef.

"I’m really excited to be able to put together a podcast that shares all of my secrets, tips and tricks to cooking the most amazing dishes. In a personal way such as podcasting, I can be in the listener’s ear guiding them through the steps of mastering each cooking technique," he said.

SCA Head of Podcasting - PodcastOne Australia, Grant Tothill, said: “Cookbooks, cooking videos and TV programs tend to be highly-stylised and edited, leaving out a lot of the practical techniques of what it takes to master a dish. Often its all the little tips and tricks that are the difference between success and failure in the kitchen.

"We saw an opportunity to take an audio-first approach to have Richo teach people how to cook in a new fun way.  It's a cooking master class just for listeners and the great thing is they don’t have to say, 'Yes Chef!'”

Learn to cook like one of Australia’s leading chefs, Cooking With Richo will be available to listen on the PodcastOne Australia app or wherever you get your podcasts from January 2021.


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