Shameless Media’s Michelle Andrews and Zara McDonald’s latest podcast, The Books That Changed My Life, will launch exclusively on LiSTNR on Tuesday, 15 June. 

Throughout the series Michelle and Zara will talk with guests including Kevin Kwan, Laura Henshaw, Jock Zonfrillo, Susan Carland, Hamish Blake and Delta Goodrem about the books that have had a profound impact on them, giving audiences a rare insight into some of their favourite media personalities, entrepreneurs and entertainers through the books and literature they love, old and new.

Michelle and Zara’s Shameless Media has enjoyed impressive growth since its inception in 2018. The pair has since produced their Shameless and Book Club podcasts as well as released their first book, The Space Between, with Penguin in 2020.

Michelle Andrews and Zara McDonald said: "We adore reading and chat incessantly about the books that have changed our perspective on relationships, work, and life in general. What better way to celebrate this than to chat with the people we admire about the books that made them who they are today?"

SCA Chief Content Officer, Dave Cameron, said: “We are absolutely delighted to welcome Michelle and Zara to the LiSTNR family. We have admired their ingenuity and talent from afar and are so pleased they have created a podcast, exclusive to us, that will expand the Shameless offering to their fiercely loyal fans and no doubt garner new fans.”

Shameless Presents The Books That Changed My Life, a LiSTNR exclusive, is produced by LiSTNR’s Carly Humby and will be published every Tuesday, from 15 June, on the LiSTNR app. 

Listen to the trailer for Shameless Presents: The Books That Changed My Life now here.


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