LiSTNR’s wildy popular first audio rom com series The Younger Man, is now available on Spotify for a limited time, following a special distribution agreement.

The Younger Man is based on Zöe Foster Blake’s best-selling book of the same name, which was exclusive to LiSTNR upon its launch, now allows Spotify users access to the new audio rom com podcast for 30 days from today, 21 July.

The Younger Man podcast series utilised LiSTNR’s unique audio-first production skills, and a cast of well-known Australian actors, in order to adapt Foster Blake’s original story to create a new type of audio entertainment for the Australian market.

The Younger Man follows the aftermath of burnt-out businesswoman Abby’s memorable night with a younger man called Marcus and tracks the comedic ups and downs of their relationship trying to overcome their age gap, and the Audio Fiction version adds a few new twists to the story.

Ella Scott Lynch (Amazing Grace, Informer 3838) voices the protagonist Abby, alongside Penny McNamee (Home & Away), Steve Bastoni (Fires, Australian Gangster), Andrea Dimitriades (Clickbait, The Unusual Suspects) and Nicholas Burton (Pieces of Her).

LiSTNR Head of Content – Original Podcasts, Jen Goggin said: “Our first foray into a new genre for Australian podcast listeners has been a stand-out success since its launch last month and we are excited to extend The Younger Man podcast series to Spotify users. The audio rom com is a fun, compelling and immersive piece of audio-entertainment which we are sure will appeal to Spotify’s audience.”

The Younger Man is available now on Spotify the LiSTNR app.


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