The Hamish & Andy podcast on LiSTNR continues to top the Australian Top 100 Podcasts Ranker* once again for the third consecutive month, nearing 1 million listeners as LiSTNR sees 3.1 million unique listens* across all its podcasts.

Joining Hamish & Andy on the most listened to line up was LiSTNR’s The Howie Games, The Briefing and Triple M’s The Marty Sheargold Show, Triple M Footy AFL, Triple M’s Rush Hour with JB and Billy and It’s A Lot with Abbie Chatfield, seeing LiSTNR secure more titles in the Top 20 Podcast Ranker than any other publisher.

Other LiSTNR podcasts ranked in the Top 50 included, The Scorecard with Liam Flanagan, Just the Gist, Hamish & Andy’s Remembering Project, Triple M Rocks Footy NRL, Matt & Alex – All Day Breakfast, The National Briefing and Motley Fool Money.    

“May’s Podcast ranker is a great result for LiSTNR podcasts led by comedy, sport, news and popular culture podcasts. To watch The Marty Sheargold Show podcast continue to grow and see consistent audiences for Hamish & Andy who remain the Number 1 podcast is terrific.” SCA General Manager Digital Audio, Grant Tothill, said.

“Seeing Triple M Footy, The Rush Hour with JB and Billy, The Howie Games, The Briefing, It’s a lot with Abbie Chatfield, Just the Gist, The Scorecard and Hamish & Andy’s Remembering Project along with our podcast partners Schwartz Media 7am, all in the Top 30 All Australian Ranker is credit to everyone’s hard work and continued focus.”



*Australian Podcast Ranker Top 100 Podcasts – May 2022


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