LiSTNR and the Royal Institution of Australia (RiAus) today released their first co-created shortcast, Huh? Science Explained, following a landmark podcast collaboration agreement. 

Huh? Science Explained brings together a new generation of trusted science voices, with some of Australia’s brightest scientific journalists from RiAus’s Cosmos magazine answering life’s weird and wacky science-related questions. 

From the big – “How old is the Earth? And how do we know?” – to the small – “How does popping candy work?” Huh? Science Explained will tackle them all, in 10 minutes or less. It’s essentially everything you wished your high school science class was like, with episodes on coral bleaching, sausages, soil carbon, the shape of a football, and much, much more. 

The all-female host line-up includes Amalyah Hart, Imma Perfetto, Matilda Handsley-Davis, and Ellen Phiddian, who bring their scientific credentials to answer those questions that mystify most Australians.  

The first of the weekly shortcasts launches on April 14, with subsequent episodes dropping each Thursday afternoon. 

RiAus is an independent not-for-profit, proudly based in South Australia, dedicated to connecting people with the world of science, and in February this year announced a partnership with LiSTNR to create, distribute, and commercialise podcasts exclusively on LiSTNR. 

RiAus publishes the highly respected Cosmos magazine that aims to inspire curiosity in “The Science of Everything” and make the world of science accessible to everyone. It has won 47 awards for high-quality journalism and design. 

SCA CEO, Grant Blackley, said: “Science podcasts have grown exponentially in popularity as consumers embrace the fascinating world of science. We are delighted to launch our first co-produced podcast that showcases that science can be fun and engaging and applies to everyday life, using the power of audio. We are looking forward to more podcast collaborations to come with RiAus.” 

RiAus Executive Director, Will Berryman, said: “Here at the RiAus we are delighted to share our passion for finding things out about the world through science with the LiSTNR audience. Working with the LiSTNR team to put together these podcasts and evolving new ways of presenting these fascinating subjects and facts has been a lot of fun for the team and this shines through in listening to Huh? Science Explained. Audio is a powerful way of presenting science to new audiences.” 

Huh? Science Explained is now available on LiSTNR


About LiSTNR 

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About RiAus

The Royal Institution of Australia (RiAus) is an independent charity expressly to advocate for science. We are among this nation’s few remaining independent science voices and its last independent science publisher – a position we take seriously. We believe that science matters. It underpins our industry, our agriculture, our transport, our communications – to name but a few. We have an opportunity to use science as a path to the future for our children, our manufacturers, and our businesses, to stay competitive on a global stage. We believe that we have an essential role to play in continuing to report of science’s role in national development in the crucial years and decades to come. 

RiAus produces Cosmos, Australia’s last locally produced print science magazine, and the daily independent science news site – free, and with a roughly equal number of Australian and international readers. Early in 2021 we launched the weekly science news e-publication Cosmos Weekly, which is dedicated to science’s role in the issues of the day. 

Perhaps the most important thing we do at RiAus is providing free science teaching resources for schools around the country. At last count about 5,500 teachers – many of them in remote and regional schools – were taking our resources.