Did you ever give it your absolute best but have a childhood dream elude you? Lawrence Mooney’s new podcast Saturday Afternoon Fever is a riotous retrospective of childhood and adolescent haphazards and hopes alongside the author of the revered book of the same name, Matthew Hardy. As each page is turned, hilarity and tangents ensue as the duo get side-tracked with life shaping childhood and adolescent memories alongside their love of the suburbs and the game of AFL.

Author Matthew Hardy is a football tragic who desperately dreams of being a professional AFL player like his idol, St Kilda’s Trevor Barker. He wrote Saturday Afternoon Fever as a love letter of sorts to his idol, the game, footy cards and Melbourne suburbia. Fellow footy tragic and child of the suburbs, Lawrence Mooney, is along for the unexpected ride of shared stories about family, relationships, youth and a surprising breaking down of masculine façades where vulnerabilities are in the spotlight alongside footy in this original podcast series available on LiSTNR.

Lawrence Mooney said: “There is an emotional moment in this journey, Saturday Afternoon Fever, that I urge you to hang around for.  I’m happy to announce that my favourite sports book is now your favourite podcast. Its brilliant author Matthew Hardy and I bring this hilarious, tragic and triumphant best-selling favourite to life in your earholes. Matthew attempts to read the book whilst I keep interrupting because most of his funny, magic memories spark even more of my own.”

Saturday Afternoon Fever provides audiences with great banter, gags and a laconic Aussie voice as listeners are welcomed into a conversation of mateship, cheeky childhood and naughty teen phases and wild young adult adventures.

Throughout the episodes, Matthew Hardy dives deep into the motivations behind writing his book. with inspiration from previous sporting enthusiasts as the two seasoned comedians lean on their humorous and cheeky personalities to deliver a podcast with laughs and heart.

Saturday Afternoon Fever is a Smart Fella production available to stream via the LiSTNR app from 5 August.

Listen to the trailer for Saturday Afternoon Fever here.

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