As one of Australia’s biggest female exports, Dannii Minogue is no stranger to music. In 1990 the then pop starlet released her debut Top 10 single and album Love and Kisses. Travelling around the globe entrenched in the 90s music scene Dannii is now joining LiSTNR as the host of the Oldskool 90s Hits station and the LiSTNR exclusive podcast series The 90s with Dannii Minogue – a nostalgic trip back through each year of the best decade of all. Both are available now via the LiSTNR app.

The 90s is an era that continues to influence – Friends, Seinfeld, Will & Grace, Mulder and Scully, Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha, Thelma and Louise, tiny backpacks, The Spice Girls, scrunchies, chokers, chunky platform sandals, spaghetti strapped minidresses, the Rachel haircut, Uma Thurman’s bob in Pulp Fiction, being all about Keanu Reeves and the debut of grunge, rave culture and the information superhighway. It was a decade where pop culture took flight and so did music. It was a gold rush with every genre imaginable booming – grunge to gansta rap, RnB to riot-grrrl punk and dance, disco and pop alongside Britpop and Cool Britannica.

Dannii was there for it all and is ready to share her love of a decade that played such a pivotal role in her extraordinary life so far.

Dannii Minogue said: “I was a teenager in the 90’s and released my first album in 1990. I was on Home & Away, which had a huge following in the UK, and I soon found myself living in London during one of the most exciting times in music and pop culture. I sported the skunk streak, mom jeans and chokers and loved every minute of it! Hosting iconic TV shows like The Big Breakfast and Top of the Pops alongside making music gave me a front row seat to an era I can’t wait to share more about with fans on a dedicated station of Oldskool 90s Hits and with a podcast series that will dive deep into each year of the best decade ever.”

SCA Head of Music, Mickey Maher, said: “What an absolute treat to have a performer like Dannii Minogue front these two projects for us. Very few people have enjoyed the success, longevity, and fan loyalty Dannii has, and we are so thrilled to welcome her to the LiSTNR family and give our audiences the chance to immerse themselves in such a seminal era with someone who was at the forefront of it.”

Dannii’s new role as host of the Oldskool 90s Hits DAB+ station and the LiSTNR exclusive podcast series, The 90s with Dannii Minogue, reinforces SCA’s commitment to growing LiSTNR’s exclusive music programs and content and is one of many exciting announcements to come this year.

Oldskool 90s Hits is a station that will feature pop classics from artists that defined the decade. Think Salt-N-Pepa, Savage Garden, The Spice Girls, George Michael, Dannii Minogue, Backstreet Boys, Destiny’s Child, Kylie Minogue, Madonna, Roxette, Janet Jackson, Ace of Base, Fatboy Slim, En Vogue, Five and The KLF. Pop your hair up in a scrunchie, give yourself a splash of The Body Shop’s White Musk or Joop and take a trip down memory lane with Oldskool 90s Hits and The 90s with Dannii Minogue available to stream now via the LiSTNR app.

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