Comedic duo Matt Okine and Alex Dyson have returned to the world of audio to serve up Australia’s first on-demand breakfast show, Matt & Alex -  All Day Breakfast, available weekday mornings on Southern Cross Austereo’s PodcastOne Australia.

After three years hosting triple j’s highest-rating breakfast show, the pair took a hiatus from radio at the end of 2016 to focus on their own projects.  Today, they are excited to confirm that they are back with an on-demand breakfast show for listeners to enjoy at any time of the day.

Award-winning comedian, Matt Okine, said: “I'm so excited about reconnecting with everyone who used to listen to us in the morning and even more excited about connecting with new fans who can't stand waking up before 9.00am!  In a time when the nation is spending all day in their pyjamas, it’s only fitting that we offer them an all-day breakfast show to match.

“After such a successful tenure at triple j, we were careful not to jump back in the booth together unless the conditions were right, and everything about SCA and our new show, All Day Breakfast, feels right!”

Creative writer, Alex Dyson, said: "Since leaving triple j, we've definitely grown as people. Matt had his first child and I won a championship as the Chicago Bulls on NBA 2k19. I can't wait to get back together with my radio Scottie Pippen and write a new chapter together. 

"As someone who ate a cold hash brown at 3:15pm yesterday, All Day Breakfast is the show I was born to do. Instead of spreading out a breakfast show thinly over a number of hours, this will be a daily shot of the best content, ready when you want it. Like eating a glob of Vegemite directly from the knife, instead of having it wiped sparsely over toast." 

Episodes of the Matt & Alex – All Day Breakfast will be released at 6.00am every weekday morning, with the boys reflecting on the day’s topics and sharing their much-loved views of the world. Listeners will have the opportunity to contribute to show via regular segments and topics.

SCA Chief Content Officer, Dave Cameron, said: “We are continuing to see an appetite for on-demand content and with the launch of an all-day breakfast format we are feeding that appetite. Just two weeks ago we launched The Briefing, an on-demand news show, and now with Matt and Alex we are rounding out our offering with an on-demand entertainment product. Matt and Alex have certainly been missed and we are pleased to be able to provide the platform that has allowed for their return!”

Former Hamish & Andy Executive Producer, Sam Cavanagh, will take the reigns as Executive Producer of the show.  “I used to love listening to the boys on triple j.  Can’t wait to have a front-row seat to all their ridiculous adventures,” he said.  

Whether you’re doing your daily exercise, stepping out for those essential groceries or isolating at home, catch a new episode of Matt & Alex -  All Day Breakfast, wherever you are, whenever you want.

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