One of the most popular social change podcasts in the world, ChangeMakers, has returned to PodcastOne Australia with a brand new series set to answer on of the most pressing questions of our time: How do we change politics?

ChangeMakers host Amanda Tattersall, co-founder of Getup and post-doctoral fellow of Sydney Uni, is passionate about sharing stories of groups and individuals endeavouring to change the political world.

“In Series 1, I had the great pleasure of speaking with incredible visionaries, philanthropists and activists, each seeking to bring about positive change and make the world a better place”, said Amanda.

“In Series 2, I speak with everyday people who are rallying to change the political landscape, calling for action, accountability and transparency”.

In each episode, Amanda goes direct to the source, understanding how groups and individuals have educated and armed themselves to combat gross political and civil injustice.

“I hope ChangeMakers highlights the enormous difference that individuals can and are in fact making.

“So often people feel incapable of bringing about change because they’re “just one person”.

“ChangeMakers demonstrates how people can join together to make a difference, and how it is both our right and responsibility to do so”.

The first five episodes of ChangeMakers to be released on Monday 29 October explore:

BROOKLYN 99: A Hollywood TV comedy show explored how you can use art in politics by doing a show about how police racially profile black people - black lives matter - and made it work for a commercial audience. Amanda speaks to the show’s co-creator Dan Goor, actor Terry Crews and the writer on the episode Phil Jackson.

UMBRELLA MOVEMENT: To try and win the right to vote in Honk Kong, a long campaign is run that subsequently explodes onto the streets, with a 79-day occupation of the financial centre of Hong Kong. Amanda talks to several leaders behind the uprising, including Kinman Chan, who now faces 21 years in jail because of the protests.

INDIVISIBLE: In the days after Trump won the election, a couple of progressives wrote a modest Google Doc with ideas about how to challenge him. Their document - called Indivisible - soon grew to over 6000 local groups seeking to shape policies like healthcare. Amanda meets the key organisers behind of one of America’s most effective anti-Trump campaigns.

RECLAIM THE CITY: Apartheid in Cape Town pushed black residents to its outer-limits. A housing movement is reclaiming a place in the inner city by occupying buildings there. Amanda Tattersall visits the illegal occupations in Cape Town and talks to the occupiers in this gripping episode.

MARRIAGE EQUALITY: Amanda talks to key operatives about one of the most bitter-sweet political victories in Australia’s history – the fight for marriage equality.

Amanda Tattersall is available for interview upon request. For all media enquiries please contact:

Madeleine Maher

Ph: 0439 002 693