Following the success of the first three series, A Life of Greatness Podcast hosted by Sarah Grynberg, returns for a fourth series on PodcastOne Australia.

Through her unique interviewing style, Sarah’s guests share their deeply personal stories and views on life and happiness so listeners can discover how they’ve approached a life of greatness and inspire others to do the same.

A Life of Greatness host, Sarah Grynberg, said: "The series has been created to deliver insight and inspiration to allow listeners to awaken to their best selves. My fourth series dives deep into the hearts and minds of some of the world’s most influential people."

Head of SCA Podcasting – PodcastOne Australia, Grant Tothill, said: "It has been a real pleasure to see Sarah’s podcast series go from strength to strength and for her to attract some very high-profile people in their chosen fields to share a deep and often private and rewarding side of themselves. Their inspiration is illuminating and reminds us all that we can, no matter who we are, live a life of greatness."

With never heard before, in-depth interviews from some of the most loved and respected thought leaders and personalities in Australia and around the world, series four of A Life of Greatness, features eight episodes with celebrity guests including:

- Dave Hughes, Episode 1 (Now available)
The much-loved Aussie comedian and Hit Network Drive host talks candidly to Sarah about his struggles with alcohol, why the words ‘I love you’ are so hard to say, failure and why happiness is a choice.

- Leadership expert Robin Sharma, Episode 2 (Now available)
By making one simple adjustment to your day, you can transform your entire life. Together with Sarah, Robin shares the essentials for productive mornings and daily routines, and simple ways to achieve more meaning, balance and direction in your life.

- The Medical Medium, Anthony William, Episode 3 (Released July 28)
Have you ever wondered about the power of food and its role in curing chronic illness? The originator of the global celery juice movement, Anthony William, and his incredible health information has been supported by Robert De Niro, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Novak Djokovic. In this candid episode, The Medical Medium and number one New York Times bestselling author, joins Sarah to discuss how changing what you eat, really can change your life.

- Steven Kotler, Episode 4
(Released August 4)
New York Times bestselling author Steven Kotler joins Sarah to discuss the life-saving powers of the science of flow, the common traits of people who have achieved the extraordinary, and why having flow and purpose equals true happiness.

- Sonia Choquette, Episode 5 (Released August 11)
Together, Sarah and Sonia discuss how you can take responsibility of your life’s narrative, how to cultivate inner strength, and why self-love is so important. If you’ve ever felt disconnected with yourself, others or are searching for greater life meaning, this episode will be life changing.

- Biohacker, Ben Greenfield, Episode 6 (Released August 18)
How exactly can we reverse our biological age, and improve the length and quality of our lives? Sarah is joined by Ben Greenfield - one of the world’s leading biohackers and top 100 most influential people in health. Together they share his practices for optimising our mental and physical performance, and how by getting our mind and body in order can positively improve not only our family life, but every single connection we make.

- Rabbi Laibl Wolf, Episode 7 (Released August 24)
In our technology-led existence many of us are searching for a life full of more substance and meaning. In this wisdom filled episode, Sarah chats with one of the world’s greatest spiritual and Kabbalah teachers, Rabbi Laibl Wolf.

- Meditation teacher Tom Cronin, Episode 8 (Released September 1)
Tom and Sarah discuss how to reprogram our subconscious, and how, through the quiet power of stillness and calm, we can master our minds, and our worlds.  

A Life of Greatness with Sarah Grynberg can be found at:, or wherever you get your podcasts.
Sarah Grynberg
is the vibrant host, producer and creator behind PodcastOne’s top rated title: A Life of Greatness. With her relaxed and personable interviewing style she talks with world famous thought leaders, NYT best-selling authors, entertainers, sporting legends and spiritual greats like Dr Joe Dispenza, Kate Langbroek, Hamish Blake and Gabby Bernstein, on how they have achieved greatness in their lives, and how her listeners can too. Sarah's mission is to deliver insightful and inspirational interviews to listeners to awaken them to a deeper level of consciousness. Sarah is a veteran in the media and entertainment industry. In her radio career alone she has produced some of the biggest radio and podcast shows in the country including True Crime Titles.