Hit 94.7 Emerald

Hit 94.7 Emerald

"It's great to see the results for Hit 94.7 in Emerald today as we continue to have a strong connection with our audience across the region. Cliffo and Gabi's amazing relationship with Queensland communities in breakfast continues to be highlighted with an incredible 46.6% of the radio audio tuning in each week." - Blair Woodcock, SCA Head of Content Regional. 


The largest radio audience in Emerald. 

#1 Listened to Most P10+: 39.6%

#1 Listened to Most Breakfast P10+: 40%

#1 Listened to Most Drive P10+: 44.7%

#1 Station Listened to Most PU40: 55.1%

#1 Station Listened to Most P25-54: 42.5%

#1 Station Listened to Most P10+ across all surveyed dayparts

20.7k people tune in each week, reaching 51.9% of the Emerald radio market (up 18%).


Source: Xtra Insights Emerald Survey #1 2021. P10+, Mon-Sun ROS / Mon-Fri 05.30-09.00 / Mon-Fri 16.00–19.00, Station Listened to Most %/Cume Reach (00)/Cume Reach %.

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