An inline, full height scroll-in ad format that reveals as the user scrolls through publisher content. When users are done viewing and interacting with the creative, they can scroll up or down on the publisher's website to continue viewing content.

DEMO LINK (Mobile browser required): View demo

PLATFORM: Responsive (All Platforms)



  • Phone: Recommended background overflow size: at least 736 x 736 pixels. 

  • Tablet: Recommended background overflow size: at least 1024 x 1024 pixels

  • Desktop: Recommended background overflow size: at least 2560 x 1440 pixels.

  • For detailed info regarding sizing please visit Celtra's support site

ENVIRONMENT: Desktop & Mobile Web


  • Available to programmatic buyers only - not available for direct buys

  • You should design your creative with a buffer of 20px on the top and bottom to accommodate for the Notice bars.

  • We recommend that you build your Interscroller creatives using Celtra's Responsive Design (requires Celtra Login) features. A responsively designed creative will easily adapt to any device screen size.

  • If you're using a fixed-size creative, select the unit size of the smallest device that you might target. For example, if you are trafficking on mobile devices and you know you might reach users on iPhone 4, build a creative based on the iPhone 4 size (320 x 356).

  • To accommodate both orientations, you should build your creatives for both landscape and portrait orientations.

  • Background overflow should always be used to fill the full placement area on larger devices.


  • Press/Tap to Call (direct connection from the phone to the advertisers call centre)

  • Press/Tap to download iOS application (link to page in App store)

  • Press/Tap to download pod cast or song from iTunes

  • Press/Tap to link to your mobile site


For clients building their own Universal interscroller creative, please refer to the following link (a Celtra login is required):