Overview: Available on web and mobile, Soundcloud audio ads enable you to expand your messaging across multiple platforms

Platform: Desktop, Mobile & App


  • Audio (.mp3) or VAST (.mp3):

  • Companions/Leave Behinds:

    • Desktop Companion: 300x250 (JPG/PNG only). 

    • Mobile Companion: 300x250 (JPG/PNG only) OR 1024x1024 (JPG/PNG only).  If supplying the 1024x1024 size, keep important elements (i.e. text) centred in the frame, and within the 576x742 safe zone, please refer to PSD template

    • Mobile Leave Behind: 960x800 (JPG/PNG only), please refer to PSD template

Duration: From 6 to 30 secs


  • All creative is subject to SCA QA approvals

  • See Ad Specs page (in our Digital Advertising Guidelines section) for downloadable templates for companions and leave behinds, and more information regarding design conisderations, templates, VAST Specs and 3rd party tracking