Overview: Available on web and mobile, Soundcloud audio ads enable you to expand your messaging across multiple platforms

Platform: All platforms


  • Audio: mp3 format or VAST 2.0.

  • Companions:

    • Desktop: 600x500, displayed as 300x250 (JPG/PNG only).  Retina required (2x export, double the pixel size but still the same display size).   Refer to PSD template

    • Mobile: 1024x1024 (JPG/PNG only).  Keep important elements (i.e. text) centred in the frame, and within the 576x742 safe zone, please refer to PSD template

  • Leave Behind:

    • 960x800 (JPG/PNG only). Scales down to phone width; please consider when including important elements such as text/logos. Refer to PSD tempate

Duration: From 6 to 30 secs


  • All creative is subject to SCA QA approvals

  • See Ad Specs page (in our Digital Avertising Guidelines section) for downloadable templates for companions and leave behinds, and more information regarding design conisderations, templates, and 3rd party tracking